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ONLYOFFICE Online Editors

View and edit your office document, spreadsheet and presentation files on line, directly on your web browser and from anywhere in the world, using your private multi-user wölkli installation.

wölkli Cloud Storage offers two powerful on-line office solutions, Collabora Online Office Suite and ONLYOFFICE Online Editors. ONLYOFFICE works right in your browser and constantly exchanges data with the server. This makes ONLYOFFICE more performant than other similar products, as it delivers a much more rapid editing process. ONLYOFFICE supports major document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats (i.e. DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, TXT and CSV) and it works in any modern browser, without the need for additional software or plug-ins. Multiple editors can work simultaneously, securely and in real time on any supported type of office files, bringing on-line office collaboration to the next level. The communication between your device and our servers is encrypted, using the SSL protocol and your files can be stored encrypted on our secure cloud storage servers. This allows you to keep your senstive private or corporate data under your own control, while increasing productivity. If you mostly work with open document format (ODF) files, such as ODT, ODS and ODP, then Collabora Online may be a more suitable solution for you.


Work on your office documents alone or in real-time collaboration with multiple editors. Supported document formats are DOCX and TXT. The edited documents can then be converted into ODT, PDF, TXT and HTML.


The power of a spreadsheet software on-line on your web browser, including collaborative editing features, various types of charts and more. Supported spreadsheet formats are XLSX and CSV. The edited spreadsheets can then be converted into ODS, PDF and CSV.


Prepare your presentations at work or on the go, quickly and easily, thanks to the WYSIWYG rendering feature. The document's layout and formatting are fully respected and maintained. The supported presentation format is PPTX. The edited presentation files can then be converted into ODP and PDF.

ONLYOFFICE in action

Discover the integrated Online Office solution from ONLYOFFICE and watch how your colleagues can view and edit shared office documents in real time with you.

ONLYOFFICE Online Editors Subscription Prices

Subscription Details Price per Year
ONLYOFFICE Community Edition (10 users)
CHF 240 *
ONLYOFFICE Community Edition (20 users)
CHF 480 *
ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition (50 users)
CHF 1440 *
ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition (100 users)
CHF 2640 *
* Price does not include VAT 8.1%.