Synchronising files on Linux

How to install and configure the Nextcloud sync client on Linux

To set up the sync client on CentOS, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, SLE, Ubuntu:

  1. Visit the Nextcloud installation guide for Linux.
  2. Follow the instructions based on your Linux distribution. Once the software is installed, carry on with the next step of this guide.
  3. To configure the sync client for wölkli, open the Nextcloud Desktop software that you just installed.
  4. In the Server Address field, type, as shown in the following screenshot.
    Note: If you are a wölkli FREE user, then you will need to use the following as the server address:
  5. Provide your user name and password; these are the same as the ones you use when you log in on wölkli's web interface.
  6. Now choose the local folder, which will be synchronised by wölkli.
  7. You may now launch the sync client for additional settings or open your local synchronised folder.